Food Container Labels Bulk Refill-300
CONTENTS: 300 total erasable labels (90 large, 90 med, 120 small) with a graduated YELLOW TO WHITE color background for food containers in a sealed poly bag package. (Labels only. No marker or eraser.) Write on the labels with a permanent marker and erase with a LabelOnce ink eraser.
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47826: Food Container Label Starter Kit-70W
CONTENTS: 1 permanent marker, 1 refillable ink eraser, 70 total erasable labels (21 large, 21 med, 28 small) in a plain WHITE background for food containers in a non-PVC, transparent, reclosable/reusable clamshell package.

Available from: The Container Store
IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Starter Kits and standard Refills of LabelOnce erasable labels including those for file folders, food containers, hang file folders, ring binders, multipurpose labels and others are available through select retailers of Jokari/US, Inc. For more information please visit Jokari's web site.